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Dr Stijn Oosterlynck

Dr Stijn Oosterlynck

Centre on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City
Department of Sociology
Antwerp University, Belgium


When this project started Stijn was at ASRO, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven now he is at the University of Antwerp. Dr Stijn Oosterlynck will contribute to the network mainly in three areas: Organisationally, his participation in EU funded multi-partner research in urban and regional development (DEMOLOGOS and Social Polis) will complement the PI’s organisational skills particularly in terms of the dissemination strategy and comparative research methodology; empirically, he will be in charge of the Brussels’ case study building on his previously investigation of Brussels’ socio-economic development trajectory and urban governance and carry out fieldwork for over 2 weeks at another case study location (Leeds); and  theoretically his particular contribution is on state spatial theory and his work on cultural political economy.

Overview of Stijn:
Dr Stijn Oosterlynck is currently an Assistant Professor in Urban Sociology at the University of Antwerp, Sociology department. Before his current post he was post-doctoral fellow of the Fund for Scientific Research Flanders research units at the Planning and Development (Department of Architecture, Urban Design and Spatial Planning, ASRO) and Social and Economic Geography (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences). Before this he was coordinator of the Spatial Planning team of the Flemish Policy Research Centre Spatial Planning and Housing, and before this worked as a post-doctoral research associate at the School of Geography at Oxford University for the European Framework 6 programme Demologos. He holds a PhD in Sociology from Lancaster University in England and graduated as a sociologist at Ghent University in Belgium.
His post-doctoral research is concerned with social urban renewal in five Belgian cities, more specifically with analysis of the social innovation and local development coalitions in disadvantaged urban areas. He is also co-ordinator of the KU Leuven Research Centre Space and Society, led by Professor Frank Moulaert, which aims to develop a platform for interdisciplinary research on the relationship between space and society.