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In the last few years we have been presenting our work at various conferences and events

1st - 3rd September 2010, Annual Royal Geographical Society (RGS) conference in London

4 members of the network (Gonzalez, Rossi, Ribera-Fumaz and Oosterlynck) organised and attended 2 sessions at the Annual IBG/RGS Conference in London, the titles of which were “The varieties of urban capitalism and the limits of neo-liberalism: Towards a research agenda’”, and “The Varieties of Urban Capitalism and the Limits of Neo-Liberalism”, where we presented the Network and its research. We received seven contributions from international colleagues. More details of the programme can be found here.

7th - 9th July 2011, RC21 Conference, Amsterdam

4 members (Gonzalez, Rossi, Ribera-Fumaz and Oosterlynck) of the network organised and 2 attended (Rossi and Oosterlynck) 2 sessions at the RC21 conference in Amsterdam under the title “The end of urban neoliberalism (as we knew it)? Restructuring processes and emerging regimes of regulation and accumulation across Europe”. 7 papers were presented, including one by Oosterlynck and Gonzalez with some initial findings from the network entitled ““Don’t waste a crisis”: opening up the city yet again for neoliberal experimentation”. More details can be found here.

16th - 22nd August 2011 ICCG, Frankfurt

2 members of the network (Oosterlynck and Gonzalez) took part in this conference and presented a paper with initial findings from the network within the session “Cities and 2008 Financial Collapse” entitled “The Variegated Geographical Contours of the Urban Crisis”. More details of the sessions and the conference can be found here.

24-28TH February 2012, AAG, New York

Ribera-Fumaz, R., Rossi, U., Gonzalez, S. and Oosterlynck, S. (2012) “The moving map of the global financial crisis: a comparative analysis of four European cities”, American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, New York, 

21-23rd March 2012, University of GlasgowIn, against, and beyond neoliberalism: the political, environmental and economic manifestations of crisis, Glasgow 

Oosterlynck, S. and Gonzalez, G. (2012) “The moving map of the global financial crisis: a comparative analysis of four European cities”, invited paper at conference organised by the Geography department