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Internal migration of Britain's ethnic populations

PI: John Stillwell (University of Leeds)

Overview: The geographical distribution of ethnic minority groups across the nation has become characterised by concentrations in London and certain other provincial towns and cities. As non-white populations in metropolitan Britain increase in size, there are suggestions that ethnic communities are becoming increasingly concentrated spatially across the country and that levels of segregation within the biggest cities are rising.

Whilst these demographic processes will likely drive ethnic expansion and concentration, it is also fundamental to understand the dynamics brought about through internal migration behaviour of white and non-white ethnic groups as this component of population change has grown in significant over recent decades.

The majority of work on ethnicity and migration in Britain tends to have an independent focus on ethnicity, immigration or internal migration in the UK resulting in little consideration of the relationships between these variables based on empirical analysis of either British or other European data sets. Recognising that most the research on linkage has been produced in the USA, this project contributes to the debate in the UK by developing a clearer understanding of the relationships between ethnic population distributions, immigration into the UK and internal migration flows taking place within the UK involving different ethnic groups.

Start Date: 18 June 2007

End Date: 17 September 2008

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Grant Reference: RES-163-25-0028