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Internal Migration Around the GlobE (IMAGE): (Comparing internal migration in countries around the world: measures, theories and policy dimensions)

PI: Martin Bell (University of Queensland)

Co-I: Marek Kupiszewski (Central European Forum for Migration and Population Research), 
John Stillwell (University of Leeds), Yu Zhu (Fujian Normal University)

Overview:The project aims to:

  • Identify the forms of data on internal migration collected by individual countries around the world and build a comprehensive inventory
  • Assemble a project database with internal migration flows for 150 or more countries
  • Develop a set of rigorous statistical indicators of internal migration that can be used to make comparisons between countries
  • Address key methodological issues that currently impede international comparisons of internal migration
  • Compute the indicators for 150 countries and establish a ‘league table’ comparing countries on various dimensions of migration
  • Investigate the determinants of migration and increase understanding of why mobility varies in different parts of the world
  • Determine whether the propensity to migrate within countries is rising or falling, and the reasons for those changes
  • Explore how internal migration is related to other forms of mobility, particularly international migration and temporary mobility
  • Examine the links between internal migration and development, and contribute to the refinement of migration theory
  • Examine the effectiveness of government policies in shaping internal migration; and formulate specific recommendations relating to the collection and analysis of internal migration data

Population projections by ethnic group from 2001 - 2051
Access our data outputs via:

Start Date: 2011

End Date: 2014

Funder: Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Project