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Cao. Y., Yang, R., Long, Y. & Carver, S. (2018) A preliminary study on mapping wilderness in mainland China. In International Journal of Wilderness, Summer 2018.

Mullin K, Mitchell G, Nawaz R N, Waters R D  (2018) Natural capital and the poor in England:  Towards an environmental justice analysis of ecosystem services in a high income country. Landscape and Urban Planning, 176, 10-21.

Norman, P. (2018) Clarity in research frameworks for studying ‘health selective migration’. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health DOI:10.1136/jech-2018-210678

Malleson, N., Vanky, A., Hashemian, B., Santi, P., Verma, S.K., Courtney, T.K., Ratti, C.. (2018). The characteristics of asymmetric pedestrian behavior: A preliminary study using passive smartphone location data. Transactions in GIS.


Yu, Rui, A.J. Evans, and N. Malleson (2018) Quantifying Grazing Patterns Using a New Growth Function Based on MODIS Leaf Area Index. Remote Sensing of Environment 209: 181–94. DOI:10.1016/j.rse.2018.02.034

Nancy Ockendona, David H.L. Thomas…Steve Carver, et al. (2018) One hundred priority questions for landscape restoration in Europe. In Biological Conservation

Arnold KF; Ellison GTH; Gadd SC; Textor J; Tennant PWG; Heppenstall A; Gilthorpe MS (2018) Adjustment for time-invariant and time-varying confounders in ‘unexplained residuals’ (UR) models for longitudinal data within a causal framework, and associated challenges. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. See here.

Xiang, Lili, John Stillwell, Luke Burns, Alison Heppenstall, and Paul Norman. (2018) A Geodemographic Classification of Sub-Districts to Identify Education Inequality in Central Beijing. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, February. See here.

Comber A and Kuhn W (in press). Fuzzy difference and data primitives: a transparent approach for supporting different definitions of forest in the context of REDD+. Paper accepted for publication in Geographica Helvetica (March 2018). See here

Blakey K, Feltbower RG, James PW, Libby G, Stiller C, Norman P, Gerrand C & McNally RJQ (2018) Socio-economic patterning in early mortality of patients aged 0-49 years diagnosed with primary bone cancer in Great Britain, 1985-2008. Cancer Epidemiology 53: 29-55. See here.

Luo Y, Lu? Y, Fu B, Harris P, Wu L and Comber A (2018). When multi-functional landscape meets critical zone science: advancing multi-disciplinary research for sustainable human well-being. National Science Review. See here.

Sturley, C., Newing, N. & Heppenstall, A. (2017) Evaluating the potential of Agent Based Modelling to capture consumer store choice behaviours. International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research. See here.

@LandEthics (aka Steve Carver) (2017) #Rewilding: Loving or loathing the new wild. in ECOS 38(5). December 2017

Jumadi, J., Carver, S. and Quincey, D. (2017) A Conceptual Design of Spatio-Temporal Agent-Based Model for Volcanic Evacuation. Systems.

Fu W, Lü Y, Harris P, Comber A and Wu L (2018). Peri-urbanization may vary with vegetation restoration: A large scale regional analysis. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, 29: 77-87.

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