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  • On Thursday 9 March Deirdre Conlon gave an invited talk to students in the Department of Geography at Durham University on 'Geopolitics and Intimacy' based on work in her recently published edited collection: Conlon, D. and Hiemstra, N. (2016) Intimate economies of immigration detention: critical perspectives (w/Routledge).

  • On Friday 3 March the School of Geography and Leeds-Migration Research Network hosted a day long workshop on Experiencing (In)securities. The event was one of three in the White Rose Collaboration Fund 'Europe, Migration and the New Politics of (In)security' Research Network, which Deirdre Conlon co-leads.
  • On Wednesday 1 February Deirdre Conlon and several MA Global Urban Justice students (Tom Capon, Emily Cowling, Haruka Hirano, and Alice Metcalf) gave a presentation and workshop to community, board and staff members of LS14 Trust in Seacroft. The event highlighted the collaborative research students and the Trust are doing in connection with the Eat Project, details available here.

  • Deirdre Conlon presented a paper on Carceral Circuitry with colleagues Nick Gill, Dominique Moran and Andrew Burridge at the Carceral Geography conference, University of Birmingham. Conlon was also an invited panelist for the conference closing session where she commented on Opportunities, Challenges and the Future of/for Carceral Geography. 

  • Martin Zebracki will deliver an invited provocation at the "un-conference" Dwelling and Its Discontents: Art, Home and Economy in Newcastle upon Tyne on 14-15 July 2016 as part of PROTOHOME, a multi-actor self-build housing project.

  • Ayona Datta presented her paper 'Land Fiction: the urbanization of dispossession' in a panel organised by the CITY journal in San Francisco, AAG 2016.

  • Ayona Datta has been appointed editor of the journal Dialogues in Human Geography from April 2016. She will hold this position for a period of three years.

  • Louise Waite was the invited speaker at Exeter’s Geography seminar series in March. She spoke about modern slavery and human trafficking.

  • Ayona Datta’s article Will India’s Will India’s experiment with smart cities tackle poverty – or make it worse? was published in The Conversation in January. It generated over 22k viewers and was republished by and – two major media outlets in India.

  • Ayona Datta was mentioned in a Guardian article on 28 January for her work on entrepreneurial urbanism. The article was titled Where are the world's newest cities … and why do they all look the same? and was authored by Adam Greenfield.

  • Martin Zebracki delivered the keynote address Communication/Immunisation: Challenges to Public Art in a Convergence Culture (in Dutch) at the national Art and Community Expert Meeting in the Dutch city of Amersfoort.

  • Ayona Datta was part of an ESRC committee from the UK to Jaipur, India to shape forthcoming research/network calls under their ‘Urban Transformations’ theme to be funded jointly with the Indian Council for Social Sciences Research (ICSSR).

  • Martin Zebracki and Professor Ann Sumner, University of Leeds Public Art Project Officer, convened the Public Art Workshop in January to reflect with experts and any interested parties throughout the UK on navigation, representation, learning, engagement and curational best practices in university campus art.

  • Louise Waite gave a talk in November at Wakefield Girls' High School as part of their Sixth Form enrichment talks The Barbara Hepworth Lecture Series. Her talk was Modern Slavery in the UK: Hidden in Plain Sight?

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