Introducing Social Scientists to new ways

of thinking about social problems

Welcome to NeISS


The NeISS (National e-Infrastructure for Social Simulation) is a research project funded by JISC. It build directly on the activities, deliverables, and synergies which emerged from the ESRC-funded "e-Infrastructure for the Social Sciences" project. The project aims to introduce social scientists to new ways of thinking about social problems, and provide new services, tools and research communities to support them.


What is Social Simulation?

Social simulation is a relatively new and rapidly expanding field with applications across the academic research community. Both micro-simulation and agent-based modelling have been widely adopted within economics, sociology and geography. Simulation models have also provoked high levels of interest in healthcare research, anthropology and political science. Policy interest is substantial within the public and private sector.




Challenges that NeISS will address include: