Ongoing Collaborations

Below is a list of ongoing collaborations that arose from the project:

1. Downscaling of Japanese regional climate model data using expertise of Dr Dawson

2. Use of Japanese regional climate model outputs to build a neural network model to emulate regional forecasts (Drs Dawson, Abrahart and See)

3. Involvement in an existing JSPS project on urban flood risk to involve Dr Khu of Exeter with expertise in this area. We are awaiting the English translation of the project documents to determine the details of a future collaboration

4. Development of an agent-based model of evacuation from natural hazards, in particular flooding using the framework of Prof Hori. This would be suitable for a PhD project with Dr See, where funding may be possible through one of the joint NERC-ESRC studentships.

5. Future workshops: The Japanese visitors were keen to write a proposal in the coming year to the JSPS that would provide funds for visits to Japan to continue work on the above items.

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