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Rui Yu Rui Yu

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Room Garstang 10.08
School of Geography
University of Leeds
University Road
Leeds LS2 9JT   UK



Agent Based Modelling of Grassland Grazing

 Project overview

Livestock grazing system is one of the most important human natural coupling systems on the earth. More than one quarter of the global land surface are managed grazing grasslands, and the intensification of animal production in grazing systems is likely to continue worldwide.  Accurate assessment of the performance of the grazing system is therefore important to form the optimal policy implementations on sustainable grassland managements and to protect it from grazing-led degradation. In addition, different grazing strategies and institutional arrangements affect the grassland productivity and the local ecology (degraded land), especially under the government guided Ecological Economic Livestock Grazing Cooperative Group (group grazing) policy. How the performance of grazing dynamics in response to those strategies? Which strategy is the most suitable one? This research will explore all those related questions with an agent-based model, which provides new view on precise and almost real-time grassland grazing monitoring and evaluating under different grazing managements.


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