Andy Turner


Geomorphometrics in 2006


In 1998, about a year after completing a masters degree Andy delivered Lecture 8: Introduction to Spatial Analysis of a module aimed at level 1 undergraduates. The module (GEOG1010: Geographical Modelling and Spatial Analysis) gave a broad introduction to GIS and was convened by Andy's colleagues and mentors Stan Openshaw and Steve Carver . In 1993, Stan delivered an earlier version of this lecture to Andy when he was a level 1 undergraduate. There is an on-going challenge to interest, motivate and educate students like Stan and Steve.

At the start of Semester 2 of the 2004-2005 academic year, Andy returned to the lecturing stage for further training and to help Steve deliver the second part of GEOG2750: Earth Observation & GIS of the Physical Environment . Andy acted in a supporting role, and as part of a double act raised questions, made observations and elaborated on some of the ideas and concepts presented. GEOG2750 was aimed at level 2 undergraduates and spanned both Semesters. The second part of the module taken in Semester 2 was based on a level 4 masters module GEOG5060: GIS and Environment . That semster, GEOG5060 was to drop Lecture 7: Interpolation since the subject was adequately covered in other modules pre-requisite or co-requisite across the various programs of study. In its place, there was to be a new lecture, practical and assignment which Andy designed, delivered, demonstrated and fed back on. This further informal lecturer training presented an opportunity for Andy to involve students in some on-going research, as feedback had suggested they wanted. Andy geared the module component towards the analysis of raster digital elevation model data using Geomorphometrics. Andy encouraged the students to work in a collaborative fashion and to experiment and investigate the potential use of geomorphometrics. A copy of the teaching materials is linked here .


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