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Packages that use TIntDoubleHashMap
gnu.trove GNU Trove: High performance collections for Java. 
gnu.trove.decorator GNU Trove: Decorators for java.util.{Map,Set} compatability 

Uses of TIntDoubleHashMap in gnu.trove

Constructors in gnu.trove with parameters of type TIntDoubleHashMap
TIntDoubleIterator(TIntDoubleHashMap map)
          Creates an iterator over the specified map

Uses of TIntDoubleHashMap in gnu.trove.decorator

Fields in gnu.trove.decorator declared as TIntDoubleHashMap
protected  TIntDoubleHashMap TIntDoubleHashMapDecorator._map
          the wrapped primitive map

Constructors in gnu.trove.decorator with parameters of type TIntDoubleHashMap
TIntDoubleHashMapDecorator(TIntDoubleHashMap map)
          Creates a wrapper that decorates the specified primitive map.

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