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White Rose GIS Group

Andy Turner

Robin Smith has got us to meet. The idea is not to replicate what is already going on with the WUN and the White Rose University Consortium , but to form a GIS focus. Is this a good idea and if so, where do we go and what do we do?



These are notes from a first meeting at the School of Geography , University of Leeds .


Who was invited? Who gave apologies?

The following is a list of attendees:



The White Rose University Consortium provided funds for the people from Sheffield and York to attend. The timing of the meeting happily fit with a visit and seminar by Mike Goodchild on "The Fundamental Laws of GIScience".

Examples Areas in which we could collaborate

  • Hydrological modelling
  • Crime analysis
  • Future Cities
  • Health
    Dianna Smith
    Tim Pearson
    Ravi Maheswaran
  • Visualisation

Robin circulated a briefing document. I didn't get this did anyone else?

Graham reported a positive response from Leed folk for 3 or 4 meetings per year on applied themes.

We all want to spread a message the GeoComputation is alive and well in the North of England.

Trent region links... What are these?

Need for branding/marketting?

Web information

  • Need for a non-university specific website? The follwoing URLs are available:
  • Organising this is key to our future collaboration
  • Future Cities
  • Health
  • Visualisation

The group are important for attracting tallent to the area. If for nothing else, to be an audience...

GIS network for training and support?

Next meeting Access Grid meeting. Date to be confirmed by email. Proposed meeting title: "How can we best use Access Grid and other information technology to facilitate our research collaboration" - The idea is to practice virtual meetings as they require an important set of skills. Developing these can ultimately save us a lot of time...


  • Andy to write up and circulate notes.
  • Everyone to feedback.

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