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This page is for organising information and publishing my research interests in geomorphometrics. This involves describing what geomorphometrics are and how they can be used in geographical modelling. To compliment this work in 2005 and 2006 I have delivered part of GEOG5060 to stimulate students to collaborate in this work. The hope is to keep pace with developments in the field, contribute and encourage broader collaboration.


Geomorphometrics as defined here are measures of the geometry, topography, shape or form of Earth's physical horizons and their change over time.

In other words, geomorphometrics are measures of the state and change in surface geometry of the Earth's physical horizons. They are topographic measures that can be used in terrain analysis and geographical modelling. Fundamentally they are geographical variables.

Two examples of geomorphometrics are measures of slope and aspect. Slope is the gradient and aspect is the angle relative to some axis (usually the horizontal plane) over a given region. Although this may at first appear to be a clear and consise definition of slope and aspect, there is much to consider. How for instance do we define horizontal? What are the effects of shape and size of the region on the metric? At what resolutions are the measures to be taken? Despite these considerations, slope and aspect are relatively simple compared with other metrics.

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Developing a Working Paper

First drafted in June 2004, here is the latest Version 0.3.1.


This should be a well organised list of references!


Thank you to those who have contributed to this topic and the information content linked from this page. I look forward to our ongoing collaboration. In particular thanks GEOG5060 students and these people in particular: Katherine Arrell, Stuart Blair, Steve Carver Rob Doherty, Stewart Harper, Matthew Ince, Brian Irvine Mike Kirkby Roland Martin, Saad Masood, Kelly Mckee, Andrew Newson, Rob O'Brien, Mark Roth, Sam Round, Jonathan Satchwell, Robert Stones Carl Turner.

Research Links

I am developing software for generating geomorphometrics. This work began whilst I was working on DesertLinks producing indicators of land degradation risk.


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