PhD: Research Outline Version 1.0:
Investigating the Problem of Personal Injury Road Accident Incidence in Great Britain from 1992 using a Geographical Data Mining Approach

Andy Turner

Road accident incidence patterns are complex and change all the time. This study concerns the investigation of incidence using a Geographical Data Mining (GDM) approach. Such an approach involves searching for and synthesising patterns in available geographical data that one might reasonably expect to be related to the problem via causal processes. GDM involves the use, evaluation of, and development of various geographical data analysis technology with respect to the problem in hand. It involves considering both how to utilise available data, and how to collect, store and analyse it to achieve the objective of reducing or alleviating the problem. It is important to step back and appreciate the nature of the data being used and think about what would be more useful.

Fundamentally GDM applies geographical analysis technology to geographical data in order to synergise and synthesise, provide better information, help generate understanding, improve and evolve strategic plans and stimulate mitigation action with respect to perceived problems in a proactive manner. With respect to any specific problem, the GDM approach demands: the application of a variety of geographical data analysis techniques; the visualisation of their inputs, throughputs and outputs; and an interpretation and feedback of their results into the analytical process.

In our fast moving busy society it is important to be able to react and adapt quickly to changes in risk in order for us all to stay safe. Developing faster and safer transport is key to improving the efficiency and evolution of society. Our technical capabilities for assimilating data, processing information and communication are evolving dramatically. It is not difficult to imagine a future of automated transport where the driving is done by machines in a far faster and safer way than us humans can.

The main objective of this research is to demonstrate the potential of a GDM approach to the road accident incidence problem. It is hoped that reasoned recommendations can be made as to what and how additional data should be collected, processed into information, analysed and communicated in order to improve road safety research and tackle the problem.

The hope is to produce new and exciting results and that a data based investigation of the geographical patterns related to road accident incidence will lead to a better understanding being gained about road safety.

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