Andy Turner

Research Assistant
School of Geography
University of Leeds
Telephone: +44 113 2333309
Fax: +44 113 2333308
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I am a member of the Centre for Computational Geography, where I try to create and use spatial pattern analysis techniques to build geographical models which can help develop understanding of geographical processes. Currently I am employed on an EU funded project called MEDALUS III in which I am attempting to incorporate a human dimension to models of land degradation in the Mediterranean climate region of the EU. This overall aim of this research is to develop a Synoptic Prediction System to forecast the potential impact of climate change on landuse patterns, details of this task are available here.

I began my undergrduate degree in Maths and Geography in 1993 at Leeds and during the course of the first year I became interested in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) having being introduced to the Geographical Analysis Machine (GAM). In the academic year following the end of my undergraduate degree I took a Masters in GIS and accepted a research post that became available in the CCG.

I am interested in Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis (ESDA) tools and all sorts of classification and modelling techniques. I am intrigued by fractal relationships in nature and scales and other general relationships between abstractions and reality. At present my modelling aims are to produce useful forecasting systems to help alleviate problems and plan a more sustainable future.

I enjoy most activities, some favourites include; playing squash, swimming, playing cards, chess, mountain biking, going to the theatre, playing pool and drinking beer. I enjoy painting abstract pictures and appreciate a huge range of art; Dali, Magritte, Escher and my friend Jo Knowles I find particularly awesome. I like listening to many different kinds of Music including; Rock and Roll, Drum and Base, and blues. Occasionally I make time to go for a spin and dance until dawn.

Research interests

Software expertise

Programming and computing experience

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