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NCess Winter Training School Page

Andy Turner

The first NCeSS Training School took place in Manchester 2006-02-27 to 2006-03-02. These are my notes...

Program and Tutorial Information


The following have a Home Page or a picture:

The following do not have a Home Page or picture online that I can find:




  • Steven Lynden
  • OGSA-DQP is built on top of OGSA-DAI to provide a parallel query capability.
  • Could be useful for large queries on distributed GI resources.
    • Requires OGSA-DAI wrappers around all the databases.
    • Idea is to minimise the amount of time needed to render the view (map).
  • OGSA-DQP being integrated into OMII grid middleware stack.



  • Rob Allen, Xiaobo Yang (Java portal developer), Xiao Dong Wang (Java portal developer) Adrian Fish, Miguel Gonzalez-Losa
  • Portal is a presentation layer that sits inside a browser and hides the complexity to do with accessing and modifying resources. A user just needs to sign in and they can do what they can (Role Based Access Control). Offers a means of having a single sign on to all your compute resources via a URL web page.
  • Useful list of portals
  • MyPROXY server is essential to be able to access Grid Resources from any computer. Basically this generates a temporary certificate from the credentials of your real certificate that has a well defined lifetime... As a user you generate your proxy certificate using MyPROXY is only essential while individual users must look after their own certificates.
  • If we develop a portal and want to share it Rob has a registry. Let him know and others can find it easier...
  • GI community is doing it all with port 80 using webservers and http. What advantage do they gain by Grid? More ports more resources er ... that's it!
  • Contact Xiao Dong if we want particular functions to be in the NGS portal...
  • Sakai
    • Units of functionality inside sakai are 'tools'.
    • Idea is to minimise the amount of time needed to render the view (map).
  • Contact Xiaobo


  • Steven Newhouse, Stephen Crouch
    • Support available if OMII used as a platform for MoSeS.
  • Contact Xiaobo

Jennifer Schopf




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