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Notes on Solutions Project Meeting with Sarah Gawthorpe

Andy Turner

SOLUTIONS is very interesting. Collaboration with Sarah Gawthorpe and Gordon Mitchell on this should be mutually beneficial. The MEDALUS III/MedAction work needs a breath of life and the technology could be used in SOLUTIONS. Hopefully this Web Page will encourage further collaboration.


SOLUTIONS is a research project that focuses on spatial policy, in terms of design, transport systems and built form, in outer city areas of the UK that are experiencing or are likely to experience growth pressures in the future.

This four-year project (April 2004 to March 2008) investigates how towns and cities can be planned so that they are socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and economically efficient.

Gordon asked if I knew how to go about disaggregative spatial interpolation. I pointed Gordon to:
Openshaw S., Turner A.G.D. (2001) 'Dissagregative Spatial Interpolation.' Presented at the GISRUK conference, Wales, April.

The Leeds Assessment WPs as specified in the case for support.doc


Models being developed for year 2000, 2016, 2032 for the North East Assembly area around Newcastle, South East Region around London, Cambridge & M11 corridor.

Land use - transport interaction models are being developed by SOLUTIONS partners from Cambridge University.



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