From: Mark Birkin
Sent: 19 January 2009 11:51
To: Andy Turner
Subject: FW: research Cycle



From: Crouchley, Robert []
Sent: 19 January 2009 11:37
To: Rob Procter; Mark Birkin; David De Roure; Paul Lambert; Richard Sinnott; Iain Buchan; Edwards, Dr Peter; Michael Batty; Andy Hudson-Smith; Richard Milton; William Dutton; Peter Halfpenny; June Finch; Alexander Voss; carole goble; Crouchley, Robert; Rob Allan; Peter Halfpenny; Frank.O'
Subject: research Cycle


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Some possible tools

·       My Research profile;

·       Data warehouses that deliver business intelligence on research applications, awards and income;

·       Costing and project management tools;

·       Research publication databases and research expertise systems;

·       Peer review tools;

·       Library catalogues, bibliographic research resources and digital repositories with semantic tools;

·       Access to shared facilities on the Grid and to primary research data and meta-data associated with relevant projects

·       Service portals provided by Research Councils, government departments, etc.;

·       Asynchronous communications: Email/ discussion fora;

·       Synchronous communications: Chat/ shared whiteboard;

·       Desktop video conferencing;

·       Calendaring and meeting management;

·       News BLOG/ RSS feeds;

·       Collaborative writing Wiki;

·       In the UK the RAE tool and the RCUK Je-S online application process.