// This is used to Write out The image Tag for Page Impression Tracking // The reason we do it in JS is that we want to find out if the image has been loaded in // the affiliate login as if it has then we dont want to record it. // We only want to record genuine impressions. //Get Referrer var ref = document.referrer; var affRef; //If the Word affiliates exist in referrer url then we dont want to show image tag affRef = ref.indexOf("affiliates"); var ID = 1619 var ctc = 1281 var cmpg = '' var url = "http://www2.smart-quotes.com/newmedia/TrackPageImpressions/trackpageimpression.asp?id=" + ID + "&ctc=" + ctc + "&cmpg=" + cmpg var imageurl = ""; // alert (imageurl) // If the word affiliate is NOT in referrer url then print image tag which will track page impression if (affRef == -1) { // alert("Hello i am an not an affiliate link"); document.write (imageurl); }