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Royal Geographical Society: Ambassador scheme

What is the aim of the geography ambassador scheme?

The scheme recruits, trains and supports geographers currently at university and graduate geographers from the work place to act as ambassadors for geography in the classroom. This is a great way to introduce younger students to the benefits of studying geography and encourage them to pursue the subject beyond the compulsory stages. The ambassadors act as positive role models for pupils and can illustrate, with enthusiasm, both the specific and transferable skills they have developed as a geographer.

What will ambassadors offer?

Ambassadors will begin by delivering a presentation with activities to groups on a mutually agreed theme such as ‘Why study geography?’, ‘Geography and careers’ etc. Ambassadors also often return to the school to support geography clubs or fieldwork activities.

I am interested in becoming an ambassador. How do I find out more?

The School of Geography will host an RGS Ambassadors training session in 2012 for students interested in this scheme, time and date tbc. You can also visit the RGS website for further information

How do I get my school involved?

When would you like an ambassador to visit? Ambassadors are ready to come into schools now and new groups are being trained throughout the year. Why not link a visit to a key intervention point such as option choices in year 9, or your Year 12 and 13 HE awareness programme?

Complete the school booking form and email to ambassadors(at) to book a visit.

For further details visit our ambassadors page.