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School of Geography

Year in industry scheme

Leeds is one of the few geography departments in the UK to offer a year in industry scheme in which students extend their three-year programme to a four-year industrial degree. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to add value to their CV and experience the ‘real world’ first-hand.

We have strong relationships with high profile companies, local authorities and not for profit organisations who approach us each year to place our students as part of this scheme. The feedback we receive about our students is exemplary.

There are considerable advantages for employers. Leeds geography students stand out from the crowd due to their:

  • Ability to think flexibly and independently.
  • Motivation and high achievements.
  • Ability to analyse information and propose creative solutions.
  • Ability to work as a team and value difference.
  • Critical understanding of the commercial sector and the needs of businesses.
  • Research, report writing and presentation skills.
  • Project and time management skills.
  • Enthusiasm, commitment and talent.

Two of our long term partners talk about why they value this scheme so highly

To find out how your company could benefit from joining this scheme read our brochure or contact our Professional Development Manager for further details.