Research Benefits

TROBIT is currently training three post-doctoral associates and three PhD students, providing significant opportunities for young researchers to start and establish their careers within a major interdisciplinary project. Our emphasis is on cross-cutting integrative science to develope a new generation of scientists with diverse interests and unique cross-disciplinary skills. We are also fostering the development of young scientists, botanists and field technicians in the developing regions where we work, providing interactions and opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

TROBIT addresses NERC Science for a Sustainable Future strategic and scientific priorities for UK environmental sciences:

  • Earth's life-support systems: Biogeochemical cycling and biodiversity are central to TROBIT.
  • Climate change: TROBIT is specifically concerned with predicting the magnitude of impacts.
  • Sustainable economies: TROBIT deals with climate and vegetation change of tropical forest and savanna regions. The people who live in these regions are amongst the poorest in the world and with the fewest resources to cope with climate change and associated local impacts.

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