LBA Workshop for Young Researchers

In association with the LBA affiliated project “Tropical Biomes in Transition” (TROBIT) a workshop on Functional Biogeography of Tropical Vegetation will be held in Brasilia from 25 to 28 March 2008. The workshop is designed to provide senior South American Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D students a short up-to-date course on factors influencing tropical vegetation distributions with an emphasis on the plant ecophysiological characteristics and edaphic controls. The workshop will consist of two days of lectures followed by a two day fieldwork component where TROBIT researchers will demonstrate to the students the relevant experimental and sampling techniques. The principal language of the workshop will be English.

Lecturers will include:
Beatriz Marmion, Universidade do Estato de Mato Grosso: Savanna/Rainforest species transitions

Ted Feldpausch, University of Leeds: Allometry of savanna and forest trees; biomass inventory techniques

John Grace and/or Patrick Meir, University of Edinburgh: Water relations of savanna and forest trees.

Tomas Domingues, University of Edinburgh: Gas exchange characteristics of savanna and forest trees.

Jon Lloyd, University of Leeds: Quantifying species/environment relationships.

Beto Quesada, University of Leeds & Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia: Soils of the forest and cerrado.

Heloisa Miranda, Universidade de Brasilia: Fire as an ecological factor

Gabriela Nardoto, Universidade de São Paulo: Plant carbon and nitrogen isotopes as indicators of physiological function in forest and savanna ecosystems.

Gustavo Saiz, University of St. Andrews: Soil isotopes as indicators of savanna and forest ecosystem structure and function.

Up to 15 positions are available with all travel, accommodation and meal costs covered. Students from all South American Amazon countries are welcome to apply.

Applications should include a one-page Curriculum vitae, a short covering letter outlining reasons for the student wishing to attend the workshop (written by the student in their native language) and a short letter of recommendation from the student’s supervisor or equivalent.

Applications should be sent via e-mail to Ms. Sarah Smalley, by 15 February 2008 with enquiries to Prof Jon Lloyd . It is expected a decision on successful applicants will be made by 1 March 2008.

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