In this practical, we'll step back from our framework to look at documentation: both writing it and reading it. For convenience, here's a quick link to the API Docs.

First, read the tutorial on reading docs.

Second, try the "packages" practice piece, on the practice pieces page. The idea with the practice pieces is that you give them a go without looking up the answers, so you get some experience of trying to think through an issue from scratch, rather than following our instructions. However, if you struggle to get started, you can look at the hints pages for help. These will give you a rough algorithm and point out some issues. Finally, if you're absolutely stumped, you can have a look at the answers. The answers pages also have additional stuff you could try. Anyhow, give the packages one a go -- it will teach you about the useful ArrayList class, but also has a doozy of a problem in it.

Third, read the tutorial on writing docs.

Finally, document the code you made last practical and build the associated documentation pages. If you like, you can upload this for formative assessment.