Java Development Kit
[Tutorial and Download]

The Java Development Kit (JDK) is the main software you need to write Java. The JDK includes all that you need to write java programs, and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for running them (most computers will have this installed anyhow, but the JDK includes the most up to date version).

Where is it?

The JDK comes in a variety of flavours, but the one you probably want as a beginner is the Java "Standard Edition" ("Java SE"; there are, for example, also Enterprise and Micro (mobile phone) editions as well). You can download the Java SE from Oracle's Java Platform, Standard Edition webpage.

Download the lastest JDK. You don't need to download the JRE separately, or the JDK "Docs" (though you can download the "docs" [documentation] if you want to, it is better to use the online versions - we'll look at these in the course).

Once you've downloaded the JDK, run the installer.

The install process for the JDK doesn't always work as well as it might so it is worth test it at this stage. To do this:

1) Download this java file: somewhere on your machine you can get to easily (if you're not sure how to download this, see our Internet Explorer tutorial).

2) Open up a command prompt and navigate to this directory (if you're not sure how to do this, see the Command Prompt tutorial).

3) Work through the materials to the right, which will also help you fix any problems ---->

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