The National Park Authority is committed to professional and personal training and development of its staff because it recognises that effective training and development leads to


·       increased effectiveness,


·       improved motivation,


·       improved Public Relations and


·       up to date knowledge


in order to achieve the National Park objectives.  The National Park Authority offers such assistance and support to all its staff.”


Who will have a Training Track?


Everybody employed by the National Park Authority will have a personal Training Track


What is the Training Track?


The Training Track explains the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority’s approach towards the training and development of it’s staff and sets out it’s internal processes for identifying, meeting and evaluating the full range of training and development activities.  The Training Track documentation provides you with an opportunity to track and record your personal development throughout your employment with the Authority, as well as providing a means to request the Authority’s support (financial or otherwise) to specific training and development activities.  Finally, the Training Track requires you to evaluate the training and development you undertake.


The Training Track comprises:-


·        YDNPA Training & Development Policy

·        YDNPA approach to your Training & Development

·        A Training Plan proforma

·        Training Bid Form

·        Training & Development – Immediate Evaluation Form

·        Training & Development – Follow-up Evaluation Form


How does the Authority know if the Training & Development Policy is achieving anything?


Effective training and development will have tangible and intangible effects.


These effects can be noted in:

a)         feedback from staff on how effective training and development has been;

b)         feedback from customers on quality of service;

c)         achieving business plan objectives;

d)         a motivated and skilled workforce


How does the Authority ensure that the Training and Development is effective?


Effective training and development requires:

a)         clearly identified training needs (identified from the appraisal process and linked to business plan objectives with a two way responsibility for identification);

b)         clearly focussed training plans with ongoing evaluation of effectiveness leading to action;

c)         a regular review of training and development processes to identify and implement improvements.

d)         training and development to be integrated in to other internal                                                                                                                                                                     processes and not be a bolt-on package;

e)         careful selection of the right way of learning. 







The following sets out the Authority’s approach to training and development throughout your employment.


Recruitment                  Identify the needs of the job using the job description, produce a person specification and match the appointment to it. (see foundation).



Welcome pack This will have a section with the training track explanation in it.



Induction                      This will include an introduction to the training strategy of the NPA including the policy statement showing the commitment of the NPA to training.  The Training Track pack will be provided to a new starter during his/her induction.



Foundation                  This will identify the training needs of a new person as identified within the specification for the job e.g. bat handling certificate, specific computer package training, how to use the telephones, e-mail, first aid.


Training identified in the foundation section has to be undertaken as it is linked to the requirements of the job description and it is likely that the requirements have been identified between job interview and appointment.


Appraisal                     During the appraisal both professional development and personal development training needs can be identified.



Training plan                 This is your personal training plan and can be used to record the training needs identified within the foundation and appraisal part of the training track and your longer term training and development aspirations.




Register                    Complete the Training Bid Form for a particular training or

development activity, whether this has been identified and agreed as a result of your appraisal or otherwise.


At this point the activity will be entered into the Authority training and development central recording system as will the next steps




Preparation                   Background preparation in order to make the most of the learning activity




Doing it                        SOME IDEAS FOR TRAINING AND LEARNING


ü      Buddy system – people doing the same or similar duties give each other help, support and encouragement within the organisation


ü      Coaching – gain from a colleague’s experience and encouragement


ü      Computer based training and interactive videos – as diverse as the available material, which means that it might be limited for some jobs.


ü      Delegation – you broaden your skills and knowledge and have greater freedom to use your initiative and have extra responsibility. Line manager picks a task for you to meet an agreed learning need.


ü      Desk training – starting a new job an experienced member of staff or the previous post holder will tell you what the job involves. Can be undertaken in conjunction with job swaps and job rotations.


ü      External attachments – work in other organisations then return and share the information internally. YDNPA still pays your salary


ü      External secondments – as above but the host organisation pays your salary.


ü      External training courses – we all know about these and they are as varied as your imagination!


ü      External training courses – specific organisations can provide subsidised and specific courses. Examples include:- English Nature, ANPA, FC, YTB, Museum Council. Please add to this list.


ü      Fellowships and bursaries – you gain better understanding of the work and lives of other people, often abroad, and acquire knowledge and experience which will make you more effective in your work.


ü      Further education – (differs slightly if you are under 18) a further education course in a subject relevant to your job and outside normal working hours.


ü      Guided reading – an opportunity to read up on any aspect of your work that interests you or other topics that will help with your personal development.


ü      Information and library services – perhaps inter park as well as the Public Library.


ü      Internal secondments – to other National Parks as well as within the Authority.


ü      Internal training courses – automatic call-up. This is for essential training courses that have been identified at the start of your employment and need regular up-dating.


ü      Internal training courses – self-nomination. Tailor made courses for Authority


ü      Meetings – develop skills in meetings by agreeing to take on roles that you wouldn’t otherwise do.


ü      Mentoring – develop a relationship between you and an experienced colleague.


ü      Networking – people with a common interest meet as a group to swap ideas and to learn from each other.


ü      Quality circles – manage quality in a group and improve your own skills.


ü      Seminars and conferences – to extend your knowledge of a particular area of work or current issue.


ü      Team development – to help you and other members of your team work well together and to develop a strong team which is self supporting and knows where it is going.


ü      Temporary promotion – a chance to take on the duties and responsibilities of the next grade up.


ü      Tutoring – Gaining from a colleague’s expertise


ü      Video and audio packages – learn in a way that suits you best, at a time that’s convenient and in a setting of your choice.


ü      Visits – an opportunity to do all sorts of things.


ü      www – use the internet to source training and general fact finding.


ü      Anything else you can think of!



  Evaluation                               How did it go? Have you completed your immediate evaluation form and the follow up action that you agreed on your Training Bid Form prior to doing it? etc



  Appraisal                    use the appraisal to evaluate the courses that you have previously attended, using the follow-up Evaluation Form, and identify your personal and professional training needs for the future


and so the track goes on until you decide to…..



   Move on                   Review of training requirement for the post.





(For you to record your personal and professional training and development aims)
















































(Please photocopy for future use)







Keep any certificates, records, details of your training activities here




This form is to be completed for all training and development activities identified through your appraisal and supported by your Department Head, or for training requests at some other time throughout the year.  Please discuss with your line manager and copy to the Personnel and Training Officer for central recording and co-ordination. 


Part One – this part is intended to help you to consider the aspects of the learning opportunity.


Name                                                      Department

Proposed event or activity


What are the objectives of this activity?



What specific benefit would you hope to get from participating?



What would the National Park Authority gain from your proposal?



Will this activity assist in achieving objectives and/or targets in any of the following?

(Please 3 the relevant box(es))

Your appraisal  - U   Business Plan  - U   Corporate Plan  - U   Management Plan  - U

How will it assist?






Specify any pre-work that is required




How do you plan to implement the new skills and understanding that you have gained?




Request for Authority assistance (finance, time off etc)   -   please complete as many details as possible and attach any relevant details

Location (s)


Duration (If applicable)                                                             Date (s)


Travel costs                                                      journeys @                   /per mile           £


Or                                                                    journeys @  £               /per journey      £


Subsistence (Pl describe )                                                                                             £


Other – (books, materials etc.  Pl describe)                                                                   £


                                                                                                TOTAL COST                        £


Time off requested        - Paid:

                                    - Unpaid:


I expect the training/development activity to last for        days



Departmental Head Recommendation


I would like to undertake this development activity for the reasons specified and I will undertake any follow up action that is agreed prior to undertaking the activity


Signed                                                                          Date


Line Manager’s comments



(Please pass to Dept Head)


Dept Head

Recommendation   Yes/No                               Costs to be met in full: Yes/No


Reason for the decision




Budget (please 3)         Top SliceU    Corporate  U    Departmental  U    Time only  U


Signed                                                              Head of Dept/ Chief Executive  Date



Please send to Personnel & Training Officer


Copy to Employee





This part needs to be completed immediately after you have undertaken the development activity and should be agreed with your line manager.




Name                                                   Department


Event or activity







Did it meet your expectations in terms of what you have learned, and in terms of fulfilling your objectives?           Yes/No



If yes, please outline how it did this.









If no, please explain why not.  What was wrong with it?









Would you recommend this event or activity to your colleagues?















Did you gain any other benefits from the training process?  If so, what were they?









How will you apply what you have learned to your job?











What support will you need from your line manager to apply what you have learned?  Identify the necessary action points.










Has the activity identified any subsequent need for additional development?







The review of this event/activity will take place on (date of next appraisal):


Signed                                                                          Staff member                Date





Signed                                                                          Line manager                Date





Signed                                                                          Head of Department     Date




Please copy to Personnel and Training Officer for monitoring purposes


This part needs to be completed as part of your next appraisal and should be agreed with your line manager.


Name                                                   Department


Event or activity









Have you applied the techniques and/or skills, that you learned during the learning opportunity, to you job?  Please give examples.








If not, why not.









How has this made a difference to a) your job b) your department






















Have you received the necessary support to implement your training effectively?  Have the action points agreed at the previous meeting been carried out?









In your view, was the Development Activity worth the effort/cost/resources put into it?










What are your future needs in terms of Development?

(Please remember to make a note of these needs on your appraisal form and training plan)
















Signed                                                                          Staff member                            Date




Signed                                                                          Line Manager               Date



Signed                                                                          Head of Department     Date









Please copy to Personnel and Training Officer for monitoring purposes