You can prepare for the meeting and discussion by completing this form - it can be used as a checklist and help you think about points you may wish to raise.  Please use as many pages as you like for your notes.


You may show this form to your manager.  This will give him/her time to consider your suggestions and  problems.  If you do so, it will not be copied, or filed without your permission.





1.    a)    Are you happy that you know what is expected of you and what your job is?  Is there anything you want to clarify?  Is your job description up to date?  If not, what do you think needs to be changed?





       b)    Are you satisfied/familiar with the relevant Codes of Practice appropriate for your job, and the Health & Safety Policy in general?  Do you need any clarification, or training?






2.    What parts of your job do you:-


       i)     Do well.


       ii)     Do less well


       iii)    Have difficulty with


       iv)    Fail to enjoy





3.    What aspects of your job have gone particularly well in the last year?  Why? (Consider the early part of the year as well as more recent events).





4.    What aspects of your job have gone less well than you would have liked?  Were there any obstacles, which prevented you from performing effectively?





5.    Any points to make about last year's objectives?






6.    What training and development have you had in the past year?  How have you used it?


       (Please refer to your Training Plan and the Training Evaluation forms, included within the "The

       Training Track" pack, which should be discussed during your appraisal)





7.    Have you any skills, or knowledge, which could be better utilised in your job? How could they be used?





8.    What skills, or ability would you like to develop more in the next year?  How do you think that training, or development could happen?  (You are encouraged to research training activities and bring along to the appraisal Training Bid Forms (found in the Training Track pack) to discuss with your manager).





9.    Any ideas for this year's objectives?  (Please consider the Authority's Business Plan objectives for the coming year and think about how you can contribute).





10.  Are there any projects, or issues across the National Park Authority which you will, or would like to be involved in?





11.  Anything else you want to raise/suggest?