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Line Managers and individuals will have prepared for the meeting by completing their own preparation forms.The outcome of the review meeting will be recorded formally and the form will be signed by both parties.


1 Review of achievements/objectives since last meeting


Briefly note discussions about the review of previous objectives.Include information about any tasks or objectives that are no longer relevant and of any changes to the individualís goals and targets to ensure that they are kept up to date with current managerial policies.Achievements, contributions made, improvements or things which the individual has done well can be included here.


Information about any factors which have influenced the completion of goals (possibly outside the individualís own control) can be listed.


Items here could reflect good team working skills or things which were done over and above what had been expected.


2 Review of Personal Training and Development Plan


This section is used to evaluate the individualís training and development form the previous year. The individual should be asked about on the job training, coaching, mentoring, project work or other learning activities as well as about formal training.

The individual may have had some extra training, development or support which was not planned at the last review.Other members of the team may benefit if you can assess its worth from the individualís point of view.


It is important to assess how any training, development or support has helped the individual in their work.This can be used both for planning their future development (in terms of appropriateness of learning method) and that of other members of the team(in terms of content and context).


You should have examined ways in which you can best offer training, development or other types of guidance/advice so that this can be tailored in the best possible way to the individualís needs and learning style.


3 Key Objectives for the next 12 months


You should record in this section the agreed main tasks, goals and/or targets for the next 12 months for the individual.You should indicate what would constitute a good job and what the criteria for success will be.You should reflect any extra resources, materials or equipment which are needed to carry out these tasks.


Targets should be


      Measurable†††††††††† - easily monitored and reviewed

      Agreed††††† - established jointly by individual and line manager

      Realistic††††††††††††††† - offering challenge but still attainable

      Time Bound††††††††† - define the results to be achieved within a given timescale





Agreed Objective

Target & Success

Criteria Incl. Method

Of assessment





To implement a training

Records database for the x


By January 2003 Ė fully

functioning system with

Complete set of records

New computer

How to use




4 Personal Training and Development Plan for the next 12 months


You should indicate any extra training or development the individual needs to help them carry out the tasks, goals and /or targets above.You should say what they need and the reason it is needed.Give details of any other type of support which you feel would help the individual to do a better job.You can include items which will prepare them for any planned changes.The Personal Training and Development Plan should be completed on the attached form.Against each item you should include information on the type of need, possible methods of satisfying the need, the objectives behind the training or development activity and the proposed method of assessing whether the training has benefited the individual and the organisation.†††


5 Additional remarks, notes, questions or suggestions


Any concerns the individual may have about the Councilís Equal Rights Policy should be raised here.


If you or the individual have any ideas about the ways in which workplace stress could be reduced, record these here and act on them as soon as possible.


If you or the individual have concerns about any aspect of health and safety relating to the individual or their colleagues in the areas in which they work, you should record these.These issues should be dealt with as soon as possible.


There may be issues which are raised at the meeting that have not been covered under any of the other sections. Include them in this section so they are not forgotten.



6 Unresolved issues and proposed action to resolve these issues


If issues have been raised during the meeting where no agreement could be achieved or where further investigation or opinion is needed, these should be recorded.You should indicate what action is to occur, who is responsible for pursuing the matter and the timescale for completion and feedback.


7 Agreement to the information on the Outcome Form


You must allow the individual to read and comment on the Outcome Form and their new personal training and development plan.Both the line manager and the individual sign and date the form to acknowledge their agreement on its contents.The appropriate Senior Manager will then ensure that the review is recorded correctly and sign off the form.