This sheet is not prescriptive but indicative of general topics that may be covered in your appraisal interview so please take some time to consider them.



You and the past year


What have been your successes?


What have been the challenges?


What training and/or development have you undertaken in the last 12 months?


How has it helped you in your work?


You and your job


How do you think your job will develop in the short term?


Short term aims and targets


What training and development will help you in the short term?


You and your future expectations


Your long term aims


Your professional development


You and your Department


How have you contributed to the Department achieving its aims?


What are the challenges for the future?


You and me


What could I do to support you in your current job?


What could I do to help you develop further?



You and Opera North


How have you contributed to Opera North achieving its aims?


How do you relate to other departments in the Company?


What could improve the inter-action?


What would help to make the company a better place to work for you and others?



If there is any other member of the management you would like to be present at the meeting or be consulted before the appraisal takes place then please indicate on your return memo.