Development Plan

(Additional information at http://avanade/intranet/hr/pf/default.asp , http://avanade/intranet/hr/pf/faqs.asp or at http://avanade/intranet/learn/catalog/CourseDetails.asp?SolnId=1413)


Employee Name:



       Career Lead:


Fiscal Year Plan:



Skill Family/Level:




Part 1 – Manager/Career Lead Relationship - Career Lead is responsible for providing appropriate coaching and guidance.  This section simply encourages a useful Employee-Lead discussion.  Written comments are not required.


Part 2 – Evaluate Skills and Current Level, Certification/Professional Qualification and Learning Solutions

Certifications: http://avanade/intranet/learn/profile/MyCertifications.asp

Skills: http://avanade/intranet/learn2/MySkills.aspx

Skill Improvement Plan: http://avanade/intranet/learn2/Skillsassessment.aspx?page=51
Career Leads: go to http://avanade/intranet/learn/reports/learnersearch.asp)




Level Information

 Review level information via the leveling tool at http://avanade/intranet/hr/pf/concepts/skills/leveloverview.asp  

Ø       What level of skill proficiency is required for the next level?

Ø       What are the expectations for a move to the next level?


Part 3 – Key Performance Indicators


Key Performance Indicators

Identify Development Plan for Next Review Period

Ø       Identify performance objectives for the next Review period:  strengths to be leveraged, areas for improvement to be addressed.  Can be anywhere from 1-5 dependent on the person and position.  Also, please review last year’s Development Plan. 

Ø        Set goals for next year.




Performance Objectives/Goals

General resources/tools/support required



























Part 4 – Additional Comments