Manager/Career Lead Feedback Form



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Career Lead/Manager Name:




She/he is my:

immediate manager (hard line)

immediate manager (dotted line)

more senior manager

project manager

Reviewer (optional):



Review period:

FY2002 (specify quarters if less than full year)     








          Avanade needs effective managers to help our employees, teams, and regions focus on producing great results and ensuring our customers are satisfied.Some managers are temporary managers of people (e.g. on a project team); others have more long-term responsibility for the career management of other employees (e.g. Career Leads).This form gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on the overall effectiveness of both types of managers.


          Your feedback may be taken into account as one component of your managerís performance review and development objectives.


          In order to make sure your feedback is reviewed and compiled in time for your managerís evaluation, if this form is related to a project, you should complete and turn in the form prior to rolling off the project.


          You should:


          In the above spaces, enter the name of manager being reviewed and check the appropriate type of manager.Fill in the date of your review and (only if you wish) your name.The focus is on your immediate manager (hard line as well as dotted line, if any).However, you are welcome to fill out an MFF for a more senior manager or project manager.


          Section 1:in the left column, you should put as many examples as you feel comfortable


          Section 2:provide additional, text-based feedback


          If you wish to maintain your anonymity:(i) do not put your name on this form; (ii) when you fill out the Additional Feedback section, do not write anything that identifies you individually; (iii) send your feedback in hard copy form rather than via email.


          When completed, send the signed, original form to your HR Generalist.







          Please check the box for each question.


          Please provide specific comments and examples within the Section 1 items.


          Section 2 below provides you an opportunity to provide general comments and feedback.



Neutral/Not Applicable


Strongly Disagree











My managerÖ

Strongly Agree





1)        Ensures I have clear goals.







2)        Adequately involves me in decisions that affect my work.







3)        Gives me the authority to carry out the responsibilities assigned to me.







4)        Creates opportunities for me to make the best use of my abilities and experiences, while challenging me to develop areas where I am weaker or have less experience.







5)        Respects and values my contribution.







6)        Recognizes my accomplishments when I do a good job.







7)        Provides me with the appropriate opportunities to discuss problems which affect my work.







8)        Supports my efforts to significantly enhance my skills.







9)        Talks to me about and helps me identify opportunities for my growth and development at Avanade on a basis that feels regular enough and appropriate to me.







10)    Expresses confidence that Avanade is heading in the right direction as a company.







11)    Effectively communicates with me (and, if applicable, others on my team), keeping me informed on a sufficient basis about relevant organization plans and activities.







12)    Supports my efforts to have a balance between my work life and personal life.







13)    Completes feedback on my performance on a timely basis.







14)    Recognizes and respects me as an individual.







15)    Ensures I have the training and information I need to work effectively with our/my customers.







16)    Makes me feel as though I am being equitably treated in comparison to other direct reports and employees in my group.










Neutral/Not Applicable


Strongly Disagree











If you are providing feedback for a day-to-day team manager (e.g. in Core Services), please rate your manager on the below questions as well.







17)    Ensures our team works toward clear goals.








18)    When and if necessary, removes obstacles to coordination between my team and others.








19)    Keeps me informed of how my team contributes to Avanadeís overall success.








20)    Effectively distributes the workload amongst the team.








21)    Acts as a buffer when needed between the team and the customer.








22)    Creates an environment that makes my work group a good place to work.








23)    Works with me to use customer feedback to improve our customer satisfaction results.








24)    Clearly communicates customer needs and expectations throughout the team.













®        In general, what does your manager do well that you would like to see her/him continue doing?






®        In general, what would you like to see your manager stop doing, start doing, or do differently?






®        Additional comments: