Customer/Peer Feedback Form


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Employee for whom feedback is being provided:





Review period:

FY2002 (specify quarters if less than full year)       

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·          Avanade needs effective customer- and team-oriented employees to ensure the success of our company.  This form gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on the overall contributions of colleagues with whom you work.


·          Your feedback may be taken into account as one component of your colleague’s performance review and development objectives. 


·          You should:


·          In the above spaces, enter the name of the person being reviewed.  Fill in the date of your review and (only if you wish) your name.


·          On the following page:  in the left column, provide specific comments and examples; in the right-most columns, check the box which best describes your observations


·          If you wish to maintain your anonymity:  (i) do not put your name on this form; (ii) when you fill out the Additional Feedback section, do not write anything that identifies you individually; (iii) send your feedback in hard copy form rather than via email.


·          When completed, send the signed, original form to your [HR Generalist/Career Lead of colleague]


·          Microsoft Word tip:  if you want to use the “forms” feature of this or other performance framework forms, turn on the forms toolbar (View-Toolbars-Forms), then click the little padlock on the right.  You will be able to move from field to field more easily and you will be able to “click” in the checkboxes. 




Section 1.




Not observed


Not very often











In my observation, this colleague …






1)        Provides timely responses to questions and requirements.








2)        Acts as a teamplayer in Avanade’s best interest








3)        Encourages and recognizes individual and team contributions








4)        Provides sound ideas for resolving issues.








5)        Takes decisive and quick action on issues I raise.








6)        Takes the time to provide positive feedback to colleagues.








7)        Is willing to give constructive and diplomatic feedback to colleagues, even if  unpopular. 








8)        Is giving you what you need from this colleague/department







9)        Has made it clear how to get what you need from this colleague/department







10)    Additional comments. 









Section 2..  Top Three Strengths





Section 3..  Top Three Areas for Development