Annual Review Form

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Employee Name:




Skill Family/Level:




Annual Review Period:








·          The Annual Review Form (ARF) is used to summarize performance over the performance year


·          This form is completed by the Employee and Career Lead using Project Contribution Forms (PCFs) (if available), agreed upon goals and the Development Plan (if applicable) as the basis for evaluation


·          The Employee should

o         Complete the information above

o         Section 1:  fill in the left most column of Section 1, providing as many comments and examples as possible for each applicable objective.  Specify areas of accomplishment as well as areas for improvement.

o         Section 2:  fill in the middle column of Section 2, providing relevant examples of your demonstration of Avanade shared values

o         Section 3 (optional):  Some regions have elected to have the employee include a self-rate for the overall rating.  Please see your HR representative for additional information and details. 

o         Email the form to your Career Lead


·          The Career Lead should

o         Section 1:  add additional comments (including areas of accomplishment as well as areas for development) to the column to the right of Employee comments, and assign ratings for each item.  Do not change Employee comments in the left column.  Comments must be provided for any Exceptional or Does Not Meet rating.

o         Section 2:  in the right most column, add additional observations or comments

o         Section 3:  based on results from Section 1 and Section 2, provide a summary and assign an overall rating for the employee

o         Insert the date above, provide a copy to employee.


·          The Employee should

o         Section 4:  if desired, add additional comments.  Comments are welcome, but final ratings are made at the regional level

o         Return signed Annual Review Form to Career Lead


·          Microsoft Word tip:  if you want to use the “forms” feature of this or other performance framework forms, turn on the forms toolbar (View-Toolbars-Forms), then click the little padlock on the right.  You will be able to move from field to field more easily and you will be able to “click” in the checkboxes. 


·          The Career Lead should send the completed Annual Review Form to the employee’s HR Generalist.  Employee and Reviewer should keep a copy.





(see http://avanade/intranet/hr/PF/process/RatingScales.doc for additional rating information.)



Performance in which quality, quantity and approach to work consistently exceeded expectations compared to their peers and skill level expectations.   

Exceeds expectations

Performance in which quality, quantity and approach to work frequently exceeded expectations compared to their peers and skill level expectations.

Meets expectations

Performance has met expectations on a consistent and sustained basis compared to their peers and skill level expectations. 

Does not meet expectations

Has not successfully met performance criteria set for either the project role or individual skill level.

Section 1.  Performance Objectives


Not applicable


Does not meet expectations



Meets expectations




Exceeds expectations










Employee comments on this side

Career Lead comments on this side






A) Customer Satisfaction & Service Delivery:







All employees







1)  Received complimentary feedback from customers (internal or external).









2)  Delivered work on time and/or within budget.









3)  Other.
















4)  Overall PCF performance. (Discuss importance and length of projects.)









5)  Delivered quality work to the customer that complies with specifications.









Project Managers







6)  Realistically set project goals and plans.









7)  Delivered project goals on time and on budget.









B)    Technical/Functional:







All employees







1)  Has shown technical and professional growth throughout the year, including timely and relevant certification, or demonstrated progress towards certification.









2)  Has technical/functional skills adequate and relevant to practice/CS team area, level and role.









3)  Contributed to the Knowledge Repository (http://avanade/intranet/km  For employees, see my contributions.)









4)       Met objectives of FY02 Development Plan (if applicable).









5)  Other.









Consultants, Engineering and ITS







6)  Is involved in and contributed to technical communities.









7)  Keeps up-to-date and accurate profile including skills, certifications and resume (http://avanade/intranet/learn/profile/MySkills.asp).









C) Financial and Business:







All employees







1)  Completed administrative duties properly to include:  submission of Witway and expense receipts, and abiding by relevant policies.










2)  Other.
















1)  Achieved utilization goals.









2)  Engaged in business development activities, e.g., sales support, including writing proposals, attending customer presentations, developing demonstrations.









3)  Engaged in relevant marketing activities, e.g. articles, interviews, speaking opportunities, assistance with obtaining publicly referenceable customers.









Budget Owners







4)  Achieved revenue and/or gross margin goals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  









5)  Managed project P&L, especially with respect to job margin.









D) People and Team:







1)  Communicates clearly and effectively.









2)  Effectively works well with others (including other teams).









3)  Other.









Career Leads/Managers Only







1)  Coaches and mentors other team members.









2)  Is an effective Career Lead, including providing leadership and building an effective team.









3)  Performs responsibilities as a Career Lead in a timely and relevant manner, e.g., completion and review of PCFs, Development Plan review and other management duties.









4)  Is effective in retaining and recruiting team members.











Section 2.  Shared Values


Shared Value

Employee Comments/Examples

Career Lead Comments/Examples

1)  Is customer obsessed (internal and external customer service skills; quality of work; business development activities).




2)  Balances our stakeholder interests (adherence to financial policies, Witway submission, expense procedures. Cost conscious, budget management skills, ability to balance the needs of the customer with needs of business).




3)  Treats people with dignity and respect (communication skills; professionalism in written and verbal communications; maintains an open environment; listening skills).





4)  Demonstrates a passion for technology (technical acumen; knowledge sharing-Intellectual Property submissions; continuous learning; innovation).




5)  Is results focused (commitment to task; problem-solving skills; meets deadlines; takes initiative; action oriented).   




6)  Achieves through teamwork (relationship development; ability to work on a team; participation in other development center activities).




7)  Is committed to global excellence (contributions to global training, Knowledge Repository tool enhancements, @Avanade enhancements, global BD, HR, Engineering or ITS efforts and globally relevant improvements).






Section 3.  Overall Summary and Rating for FY2002:



Does not meet expectations


Meets expectations



Exceeds expectations










Overall Rating:







Section 4.  Employee Comments:










Employee Name:      


Career Lead Name: