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David Bell

Head of School
David Bell

Robert Vanderbeck

Director of Research
Robert Vanderbeck

Director of
Student Education
Pippa Chapman

Jackie Goodall

Deputy Head of
Paul Kay

Student Education Manager
Andrew Hollins

Tessa Grant

External Relations

Tessa Grant

Director of Information
Guy Ziv

Katy Roucoux

Director of Facilities
Jackie Goodall

Alison Suckall

Administrative Support Manager
Alison Suckall

Jan Wakefield

Reception/General enquiries
Jan Wakefield


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The University campus is a pleasant 20 minute walk from the train station and the main entrance to the University campus is situated in Woodhouse Lane, next to the Parkinson Building with its distinctive white clock tower.

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The School of Geography occupies 4297sqm of space over several inter-connected elements of the grade II listed Garstang-Manton-Miall complex.