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Thank you for your interest in providing scoping input about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

The University of Leeds is an international leader in providing unbiased scoping input for public lands management in Europe and North America. An accurate description of public perceptions is important to assist management and scientists in defining priorities in the planning phase of public lands management.

Information collected will be available from the University of Leeds at this website at a later point and will be summarized for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to help everyone understand input received.

Mapping Meanings for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: scoping for future planning

We would like to hear about the things you most value about the Refuge and the wilderness, wildlife and water resources you have enjoyed there. Your responses to this scoping exercise will remain anonymous, but will be included in a summary of findings to the Refuge, to all participants, and the public. If you have visited the Refuge since 2010, you will be able to connect your comments to specific places you have visited with the "Map-Me" GIS-based planning support system application.

Have you visited or traveled through any part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge since 2010?






To access the final report, please click here (NOTE: no results have been posted yet).