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Sarah Purdue, BA Geography 2012, Head of Geography, Forest Gate School

Sarah Purdue

My geography degree at Leeds not only provided me with essential knowledge and the logistical skills needed to be a head of department but it also provided two really specific opportunities for me to reach my current role.

As part of our second year module Career skills for geographers,  Teach First came to speak to us: they get graduates straight out of uni working as unqualified teachers in education action zones. At the time it was something I had no knowledge of at all, so after the presentation I applied, had an interview and was given a place at the end of my second year. It was lucky then in my third year that I had the opportunity to undertake the Geographers into teaching module and worked in a school in south Leeds which experiences many similar challenges to those which I find today in my East London school!  It certainly meant that I knew some of the challenges I might be facing!

Leeds was a fantastic place to be a student with a vibrant community and lots of exciting opportunities, and who wouldn't want to study geography... Then again I am a geography teacher and I would say that!