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Sam Hart, BA Geography 2012, Kantar Worldpanel

Sam Hart

I was head-hunted and offered a telephone interview by a company who had found my graduate profile on a job seeking website. During the interview I talked about my statistical analysis skills, and the organisational experience I had acquired through being a committee member of GeogSoc. A formal interview followed and having studied GIS and Retail planning modules throughout my degree, I was able to confidently identify key skills that Kantar found attractive.

The great thing about geography is you really can take any direction you want. I decided to focus on marketing/location planning with some politics thrown in - but other geographers studied childhood, consumption, soil analysis, rivers, meteorology or just about any other trend over space and time. Any of these modules will be attractive to one employer or another - and once you build up a skill set with one direction in mind, you'll be working the 9 till 5 in no time.