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Rachel Bridges, BSc Geography 2009

Rachel Bridges

"Geography is one of the most employable degrees - a statement you will see on many career websites and in numerous university prospectuses. Throughout your degree and after you graduate, you will begin to appreciate the truth in this comment. This is because there are so many different fields you can study, over the three years you build up a fantastic skill base required for an array of jobs, and which allows you to enter a variety of industries. Studying modules from the Institute of Transport Studies, in combination with the having some flexibility in what you study with the Geography School, I have been able to realise which direction I want to head in and the career I want to pursue which is in Travel and Tourism. The School of Geography at Leeds University is incredible, but it is the help, advice and support you receive from the staff here that is exceptional.

Leeds is a fantastic city to study in. It is a busy city with a lively atmosphere and lots to do to keep you entertained, but it is in one of the most beautiful, picturesque and idyllic counties. The students union is one of the best in England and offers an abundance of societies, you name it they’ve got it, but if they haven’t you can have the chance to set up something new - which is what I did with Travel Society which I became President off. You’ll meet loads of friends in different environments, those who you live with, who you study with and who you join in societies with, many of which you’ll stay in contact with for life.

Since university I have worked for TUI Travel Plc (Thomson and First Choice), as an Overseas Holiday Advisor on the Greek island of Kos. Communication, organisation, team work and analytical skills are just some of the essentials requirements for this job and I have gained and developed these vastly at university, whether it be on fieldtrips or completing my dissertation, giving a presentation or debates within the lecture room. I have been offered a job with them for summer season 2011, but in the meantime I am working for a Snowsports School in Bansko, Bulgaria. However, I have decided that I want to head into the travel industry and I am currently in the process of applying for a Masters in Air Transport Management at Cranfield University. Ultimately I want to become an Air Traffic Controller, by attending the College of ATC in Bournemouth, after gaining years of experiences in the air industry.

Many thanks go to the School of Geography, which has given me a fantastic start to my career, allowed me to determine where I want to go and what I want to do in life and given me the essential skills and academic knowledge to achieve this."