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School of Geography

Lucy McAlistair, BA Geography 2009


"When I first went to Leeds for the open day I remember very clearly walking up the hill towards the Parkinson building from the centre of town, and thinking that I would love to go to University here...I had been recommended Leeds by several people a few years above me at school, and I am so very glad I took their advice.

Geography at Leeds was incredibly diverse and enjoyable. Sticking to the Human side doing a BA suited me very well, and I particularly enjoyed the modules about third world countries, and also sustainability. Lots of the guys did the BSc which includes more of the physical aspects, which I know they enjoyed just as much. There is an unparalleled choice at Leeds, and I found all the lecturers to be highly intelligent, particularly as many of them had written the books we were learning from, which always helps their credibility!

Our last day in Leeds was a very sad one, we were all devastated to be leaving the blissful yet crazy lifestyle, however we all had an extremely good degree under our belts from one of the top Universities in England, so lots of prospects and things to look forward to...

I finished Leeds in the nightmare downturn, and so decided to do a Masters in Real Estate in London. I now work at a property management company in the West End, and have recently been offered a job in Advertising, so the options are plentiful. The beauty of geography is that it does not restrict you to one career, but instead opens up a whole world of options."