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Louise Howarth, BA Geography 2009

Louise Howarth

"During my second year at the University of Leeds, while I was studying for my Geography degree, I found myself really enjoying one module in particular. The module was Graham Clarke's Retail Geography and my enthusiasm for the subject led me on to studying the topic further for my dissertation. Towards the end of my third year I knew that after graduation I wanted to work in either retail planning or analysis. Then, when two Leeds geography alumni from Planet Retail came in to one of my final lectures to talk about the company that they worked for, I knew I had to apply for a position. 
Planet Retail provides global insight, analysis, news and data on retail operations across 211 international markets. Basically my job involves researching retailers and market trends (with the odd store location visit thrown in for a nice trip out of the office). I've been there since May 2010 and I absolutely love it.
I'm so glad that I chose to study my BA in geography at Leeds. Not only is the department fantastically sociable, friendly and fun, but the modules offered are incredibly diverse and interesting. My time at Leeds provided me with a great skill set and also opened me up to so many opportunities that I would not have been given elsewhere."