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Emily Murphy, MSc in CDM

Emily Murphy

After qualifying with an MSc in Catchment Dynamics and Management from Leeds, Emily has worked for the Environment Agency in England for the past six years. She has been a topographic and GPS surveyor, authored flood risk management strategies, been a project and programme manager, and has installed her fair share of groundwater monitoring boreholes. Before leaving London she was a construction project manager, plugging holes in London's tidal flood defences. Her projects have ranged in value from 500k to 8.5 million and she secured a CEEQUAL award for her scheme in Dartford Creek. Emily is now working for Frontier, a non profit organisation which focuses on environmental research, education and training volunteers in field techniques.

She is the Country Co-ordinator for Tanzania - managing the overseas staff, operations and logistics, running the programmes of work and developing new projects and partnerships. Having grown up abroad and travelled extensively, Emily is thoroughly enjoying living in a warm place again!