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Bernadette Barry, BSc Geography 2010, MSc Sustainability 2011, Eneco Wind UK

Bernadette Barry

Taking the decision to go and study physical geography at Leeds back in 2005 seems like a lifetime ago now. I chose Leeds, as a well-respected University in close proximity to the Yorkshire Dales and I chose geography to pursue my growing interest in the natural environment.

When I graduated from the School of Geography I decided to cross paths and join our friends at the School of Earth and Environment for an MSc in Sustainability (Environmental Consultancy and Project Management). The knowledge and skills I picked up during my time at Leeds, during both degrees and  set me up well for graduate employment and my passion for generating sustainable energy which developed during my time at Leeds meant that entering the renewable energy industry was the natural choice for me.

I have been working at Eneco Wind UK since graduating in September 2011 and am responsible for developing large scale wind energy projects throughout the UK, predominantly in Scotland. It was the skills I had, which I obtained during my time at Leeds, which resulted in me being selected for my current position – geography provides students with such a large skill set, it opens up an almost endless array of possible opportunities!