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School of Geography

Andrea Quek, BA Geography 2006


People are often surprised when Andrea tells them what she studied at university.  They don’t expect an IT consultant to say ‘geography’.  When Andrea applied for her position as a graduate analyst with Accenture, a large IT and management consultancy firm, she knew next to nothing about computers and databases!  It was her skills and her ability to learn that got her the job; skills that she developed and refined as part of her geography degree.  During her academic studies, the subject matter might have been ‘how to make cities more sustainable’ rather than ‘how to make a multi-national communications and hi-tech firm more efficient’, but the thought process and the application of skills remains very much the same.

Andrea chose Leeds because it has a great student life and a reputable school of geography with leading-edge research.  Her degree led to a career in IT consultancy.  Friends from her course went on to a wide range of careers: campaigning for not-for-profit organizations; urban regeneration consulting; teaching; accountancy and many more.  All in all, Andrea found that a degree in geography is a versatile choice that could lead you into a huge range of careers – and it’s a lot of fun to learn along the way too!