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School of Geography

Support Channels for Equality and Diversity

For Staff

  • Manager/line manager
  • HR Manager
  • Mediation Service
  • Staff Counsellor
  • Leeds Citizens Advice Bureau staff advice line
  • Trade Unions
  • External bodies such as:

    • ACAS
    • The Andrea Adams Trust
    • Local Citizens Advice Bureau

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For Students

Faculty Equality Committee student representatives:
Nancy Worth, Geography & Peter Bots, Earth and Environment

  • LUU Student Advice Centre
  • Wardens in Residences
  • Personal/Academic Tutor
  • Student Counselling
  • International Student Office
  • Disability Team in the Equality Service
  • Chaplaincy  

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Equality & Diversity Legislation

The legislation section on this website provides a brief outline of the major UK equality legislation. Links to the full statutory instruments and various sources of guidance are provided.

There are currently 6 strands to the framework of UK equality legislation:

  • Sex [including marital status and gender re-assignment] (Sex Discrimination Act, 1975, Gender Equality Duty).
  • Race [including colour, nationality, national origin, ethnic origin] (Race Relations Act, 1976)
  • Disability (Disability Discrimination Act, 1995)
  • Sexual Orientation (Employment Equality [Sexual Orientation] Regulations 2003)
  • Religion & Belief (Employment Equality [Religion or Belief] Regulations 2003)
  • Employment Equality [Age] Regulations 2006.

A Single Equality Act

The legislation above is increasingly acknowledged to be complex and difficult to use. The government wants to replace the different legislation with a single piece of legislation that should provide simpler, more consistent anti-discrimination protection.

In February 2005 the government announced the arrival of the Discrimination Law Review (DLR). The aim of the DLR was to consider the opportunities for creating a clearer and more streamlined equality legislation framework. The DLR initially ran alongside the Equalities Review, which published its final report in February 2007.

The Government’s DLR team published a green paper in June 2007, setting out its recommendations for a single equality act for Great Britain. There was then a period of formal consultation with stakeholders, whose responses are now being considered by the government team, as they work towards an equality bill, and eventually, the act itself. You can read more about this process here: